Author: Markus Schmidt

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activeTAPI automatically writes Log-Files, which can be found under

%AppData%\Schmidt e-Services GmbH\ for all releases since 2010
(\Schmidt e-Services\LogFiles for previous releases)

Please attach the zipped log-files to your problem report. Enclose all the information that is relevant to your question. The more information you give, the more likely it is we will be able to help. Send it to

Release History

2013-06-01: activeTAPI-DyNav v2013 (for NAV 2013)
2011-10-11: activeTAPI-DyNav v2011.3 (<= NAV 2009R2)
2011-09-17: activeTAPI-DyNav v2011.2
2011-04-10: activeTAPI-DyNav v2011 first with RTC support
2009-11-08: activeTAPI-DyNav 2009